Broken Heart Through Separation

Falling in love is a beautiful experience. You are very happy. Life changes with a rosy hue all around. Your complete attention seems to be focused on one person. Nothing else matters. But it all comes to an end when the lovers separate. A separation between two lovers or spouses often leaves people with a broken heart.

Here are quite a few of the reasons that might cause the separation. If you take care of these, you may never suffer from a separation from your lover. However, it’s easy said than done. Though you may be knowing as to what may cause a separation, you really have to make honest efforts to stay happily with your partner.

  • Lack of Time ‘Life is quite busy and too fast to find time for the mate. The world is full of competition. In order to stay ahead of others, people are required to work harder and harder. The work routines in the office are tiring. When you reach back home, you are tired. So is your partner as he/she also has come back home after a hard day’s work. Now, both of you want some time for yourselves. Moreover, you have to make preparations for the next day as well. All this leaves you with little or no time that you may spend with your partner. No wonder, people drift apart.
  • Lack of Understanding ‘Usually, there is an ego clash. Even the lovers want to dominate over each other. Both want everything to be done their way. It results in a relationship with little understanding for the other’s needs. When your mate feels that you don’t care for him/her, he/she simply begins to think that it’s time the relationship should have been over.
  • Financial Instability ‘A sensible and responsible person would think of settling down with spouse and children only after achieving financial stability. However, it’s life and financial problems may pop up now and then. Unavailability of cash when it’s required may leave a bad impact on your relationship with the beloved. Your partner may even leave you.
  • Too Possessive – If you are too possessive, you may only end up irritating your partner. Remember that your partner is a human like you, and needs to be respected. If you don’t allow him/her a little freedom, you are only being a dictator and not a lover. No wonder, when your partner cannot take any more, there’s going to be nothing, but a separation, causing a lot of heartache to both.
  • Lack of Patience ‘An emotional relationship needs time to evolve. If you are looking for a souls mate who should be there all the time through thick and thin, give it some time. Be patient. Your partner is an individual just as you are and needs time to understand you as well. Be patient. Otherwise you may not be headed for a beautiful relationship that lasts till the time you breath your last. There may be a separation instead.

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