Heartache – the price of infidelity

Infidelity causes relationships to fail and marriages to end in divorces. Though discovering the fact that your partner has been cheating upon you is quite tormenting in itself, there are several other reasons that cause heartache. It only serves to intensify the misery.

Here are few reasons to show how infidelity results in heartache:

  • The partners do not trust each other any more ‘You have discovered (or, may be, even caught your partner red handed) that your partner/spouse has been cheating upon you. Now, it does not make sense to trust him/her again. Though you may be surprised, even the cheat is scared of you. You have turned vindictive. Besides, he/she does not love you any more. Besides, you have found out the truth. Now, you are quite angry. Your tongue pours venom upon your partner and the third person who crept into your relationship or marriage as the case may be. Lack of trust only serves to intensify the heartache.
  • Dragging the guilty partner in the court ‘The partner, or the spouse who has been cheated upon, often tries to drag the cheat to the court. When it comes to fight a case to procure a divorce, marital affairs easily and quickly turn into martial affairs. What can be the result except heartache?
  • The blame game involves children as well ‘In case, it’s a marriage that has been devastated by infidelity, both the spouses not only blame each other, but also involve their children and other relatives in the family quarrel. Usually, none of the spouses is patient enough to understand that the entire blame game is going to leave a very bad impact on the children. In some cases, the scars may remain forever. It’s not only the cheated partner whose heart aches, but everybody; especially the children suffer a lot.
  • Custody of children ‘Spouses often fight to claim the legal custody of children as well. It may be quite heart rending for the kids when they are forced to opt for one of the parents. Every child needs parental care from both, the mother as well as the father. The entire scenario is too bitter to allow anyone to live happily or peacefully.
  • Society may have a questioning attitude ‘When a relationship/marriage fails, friends and relations are surprised. They are often curious to know the causes behind the failure. You are suffering emotionally. Their queries only serve to disturb you further. Very often, people are not satisfied easily by whatever explanation you may offer. What’s worse, even your parents and closest of the friends may blame you entirely for the failure of the relationship. It isolates you further from the society.

However, if you respect your partner and the relationship / marriage, you may never have to suffer the curse of infidelity. If you try being a caring soul, your partner is not likely to look for conjugal bliss elsewhere. If you don’t, well, be ready for infidelity and the heartbreak as well.

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