Why affairs cause broken hearts?

Large numbers of people across the world indulge in romantic affairs. Love and romance have been synonymous with spouse, home and children since times immemorial. However, an affair that fails to blossom in a long term relationship, say a marriage, often leaves ugly scars on the mind.

Various people with broken hearts suffer in different ways. The break up also effects the individuals to different extents. Some overcome the sadness within a little time. Others take a little longer. But the worse part of this all is that there may be quite a few lovelorn people who do not forget their lover till they breath their last. And what about those who think that everything has come to an end and commit suicide?

Here are some of the misfortunes that people usually go through after an unsuccessful affair has left them with a broken heart.

  • Quickly Jumping Into A New Relationship ‘This can be termed as a jump only, because it’s too quick. The individual who has been dumped for somebody else has a bruised ego. In order to prove not only to the beloved, but the entire world that he/she deserves to be loved by a nice partner, such people try to jump into a new relationship. However, they forget that if they do not try to find the next partner sensibly, they may be dumped once again!
  • Alcohol ‘Many take to alcohol or even drugs. It’s not wise at all. If you are dumped, it does not mean that you invite 20 other problems. Alcohol and drugs have never been a blessing to anybody.
  • Lack of Trust ‘The people who are cheated upon for no valid reason, usually fail to trust others. A man whose wife divorces him to marry another may think that all women are like that (in extreme cases, of course!). It’s wiser to retain your trust in humanity at large.
  • Obsession with Work ‘Some tend to get obsessed with work. Though it’s better to drown your sorrows in work rather than alcohol, excess of everything is bad. Work hard, but also save some time for your kith and kin. Your partner was not the only one dear to you. There is the entire world around. If you smile, the life smiles back. You may be happy again. And someone may fall in love with you!
  • The Wise only Come Out to be Stronger ‘An individual with a strong will power comes out to be stronger even after life has treated him/her badly. So what if your partner failed to care for you? So what if he/she didn’t reciprocate? So what if he didn’t value you, and ran into someone else’s arms? Are you absolutely dependent on others for your happiness? Let the worthless person suffer. He/she has already lost you. Retain your will power. Boost it everyday. Come out to be stronger. If you are worth it, you will be much happier in the near future than what you had been in the past! Amen!

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