Does dating help you get rid of heartache?

Dating a worthy partner may help reduce heartache. You don’t feel lonely any more. And what’s most important, you feel loved once again. But that, of course, does not imply that you start dating any Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane/Flora/Martha simply because you must have a new partner to replace the previous one. Dating may help you get rid of heartache, provided you neither repeat the past mistakes nor make new ones.

Here are a few tips, following which, you may not only overcome your heartache successfully, but even find a reliable partner:

  • The individual you date shouldn’t be obsessed with an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend ‘If your date is still obsessed about his/her boyfriend/girlfriend, he/she, obviously, is not ready for a new relationship. It may leave you annoyed! And you may be heading for heartache, once more!
  • Your date is self-centred ‘If your partner talks about himself/herself all the time without paying a heed to what you say, it’s a sure signal that he/she doesn’t respect you as an individual.
  • Your date never has enough time for you ‘Your dating partner always cancels the date at the last moment. Moreover, he/she likes keeping in touch by e-mails. Your new partner doesn’t even receive your phone calls. And even if you go for a date, it’s because you suggested it.
  • He/she never keeps his/her word ‘If your date doesn’t believe in keeping his/her word, it only implies that you are being taken for a ride. Your identity is not being respected. And this new person in your life really does not care as to what you feel or think. If you have a high self esteem, you would not like to go around with him/her any more.
  • Your date is too jealous/possessive ‘If your date turns jealous the moment you even casually smile at others, your new relationship may be doomed to failure right from the start. Besides, if he/she is too possessive concerning you, you may feel suffocated because your partner does not respect your space.
  • He/she has unrealistic expectations from the relationship – When a new relationship begins, usually none of the partners feels too intensely for the other. Feelings may germinate within a little time. But they take time to evolve. But if your partner wants to take a day’s off from the office whenever he/she wants to meet you, it’s a highly unrealistic expectation. Similarly, if he/she wants to simply rush to marriage, it may not be very sensible at present right at the beginning of a new relationship.

Finally, if you feel that dating a new partner may improve your social image, then the relationship is not worth it. It only proves that you do not respect yourself and suffer from a low self esteem. If you need a loving, caring partner, it’s worth making the effort. But moving out in the wilderness and trying to find a partner to prove the world that you are worthy of being loved, is not worth the effort! If the relationship fails, it’s you who suffers, not the world!

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